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Printer Toners

The Printer Toners container can be a simple pack, for toner storage and transportation, or further. A consumable component of the printer. The most common way to consume toner is with a toner cartridge (or laser toner). As an office supply of a laser printer or photocopier.

Original Equipment manufacturers such as HP and Canon as well as manufacturers of compatible toner cartridges use the toner in the process of manufacturing a brand new OEM cartridge. Remanufacturers of toner cartridges use the bulk toner in the process of creating remanufactured toner cartridges. Other companies use the toner to provide a toner refill service.

Most toner cartridges are available to the average consumer through retail outlets or local remanufacturing operations.

Post-consumer waste toner appears primarily in the cleaning operation of the photo-printing machine. Some printer designs have attempted to divert this waste toner back into the virgin toner reservoir for direct reuse in the printer. These attempts have met with mixed success as the composition of the toner will change by expending fusibles while retaining developer particles. Some consideration and fewer industry attempts have been made to reclaim waste toner by cleaning it and “remanufacturing” it.

Most paper recycling facilities mix toner with other waste material, such as inks and resins. Into a sludge with no commercial use. Moreover,. So,.

Printer Toners