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Graphic Cards

A Graphic Cards (also called a video carddisplay cardgraphics adapterVGA card/VGAvideo adapterdisplay adapter. Or colloquially GPU is a computer expansion card that generates a feed of graphics output to a display device such as a monitor. A graphics processing unit (GPU) that performs the necessary computations is the main component in a graphics card. Moreover,.

Which reduces the load from the central processing unit. Additionally, computing platforms such as OpenCL and CUDA allow using graphics cards for general-purpose computing. Applications of general-purpose computing on graphics cards include AI trainingcryptocurrency mining, and molecular simulation.

Graphics cards historically supported different computer display standards as they evolved. For the IBM PC compatibles, common early standards were MDACGAHerculesEGA and VGA.

In the late 1980s the like of Radius produced graphics cards for the Apple Macintosh II with discrete 2D QuickDraw capabilities.

3dfx Interactive was one of the first companies to develop a consumer-facing GPU with 3D acceleration (with the Voodoo series) and the first to develop a graphical chipset dedicated to 3D. But without 2D support (which therefore required the presence of a 2D card to work). Moreover,.

NVIDIA RIVA 128 was one of the first consumer-facing GPU integrated 3D processing unit and 2D processing unit on a chip.

Graphic Cards